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Empat Jenama Kereta Continental(eropah) Yang Selalu Rosak

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Semua orang sedia maklum dengan kerosakan kereta berdasarkan jenama kereta. Contoh kerosakan yang sinonim dengan Proton ialah Power Window rosak. Jadi di sini disenaraikan empat jenama kereta yang mempunyai kerosakan berulang. Diharap panduan yang disediakan sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu pembaca berjimat daripada menanggung kos pembaikan kereta.

Problematic Continental Car Brand

Problem:PowerShift transmission
The Blue Oval’s famous dry-clutch six-speed transmission has had a bad rep since the launch of the Fiesta and Focus. There have been many complaints regarding the smoothness of gear changes and the inability of the transmission to select gears quickly. If the vehicles are still under warranty, Ford will probably rectify the problems at no cost to the customers. But a recent talk with Ford personal revealed the main issue Ford transmissions have, especially when it comes to the Focus, is they aren’t given much work to do. The cars need to be driven and driven for a good distance for the mechanicals of the gearbox to be at optimum performing levels.

Problem:DSG transmission
We are sure you’ve heard about the problems VW has had with its seven-speed dual clutch transmission. This and the fact that some dealers are offering less than stellar after sales service has not gone down well with VW owners. Many have taken to the company’s Malaysia HQ to vent their anger at the brand. Volkswagen is well aware of the issues and at last year’s Shanghai Motor Show, apologised for the problems faced by current customers and vowed to rectify these problems as quickly as possible. Just like the Ford transmission, the VW DSG’s performance has offered some unpleasantness between gear changes.

Problem:diesel vehicles engine
Don’t panic, there’s nothing wrong with Bimmer engines here in Malaysia its just that our quality of diesel isn’t really up to the standards required for the German automaker’s engines to function at optimum levels. Despite being calibrated for our poor quality of diesel, there are still issues like complaints of clogged injectors causing engine performance to drop significantly. There’s really nothing you can do except make sure your car gets inspected by BMW regularly to spot potential issues from becoming real problems later on.

Problem:turbo engine issues (1.6-litre Prince turbo engines)
The French automaker has made a remarkable comeback in recent years offering some pretty amazing metal at more than competitive price points. But like all new comers, Peugeot’s latest cars haven’t had the kind of start the company had in mind. Not all vehicles are effected though, only those with the turbocharged 1.6-litre Prince engine. The turbochargers on these powerplants tend to fail prematurely due to a number of factors including pressure. There’s no real remedy here only make sure your vehicle is serviced regularly based on manufacturer recommended intervals.
Despite these cars being prone to the issues mentioned above, only some are affected by it. There are many Ford Focus and Volkswagen owners who have enjoyed years of trouble free motoring. As such, if you own one of these cars or are planning on buying one, there is no guarantee that you will face these issues. But do yourself a favour and get your vehicle checked at the proper intervals in order to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness later on.

Source: Yahoo Automobile

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